Meet Our Team

6 Team Members
  • Yakiem Tecle

    Yakiem Tecle

    Practice Manager

    Yakiem assists patients, manages day-to-day operations in our office, and oversees accounting, finance, hiring, legal compliance, and supplies.

  • Dr. Tsion Berhane

    Dr. Tsion Berhane


    As the owner of Jubilee Cosmetic Surgery, board-certified surgeon Dr. Tsion Berhane helps patients attain the beautiful aesthetic results they desire.

  • Yafet Amanuel

    Yafet Amanuel

    Medical Assistant / Intern

    Yafet is a pre-medical student with a lot of experience in the healthcare industry.

  • Ida Yohannes

    Ida Yohannes


    Ida is our social media consultant. If there’s anything trendy and new, chances our Ida is on top of it and our guru.

  • Lidia Asfha, RN

    Lidia Asfha, RN

    Registered Nurse

    Lidia is a board-certified nurse who is very personable and professional.

  • Saba Alemseged

    Saba Alemseged

    Medical Assistant

    Saba assists patients during aesthetic procedures and cosmetic surgeries, providing exceptional care for a five-star experience.